N St Nicholas Priory

N St Nicholas Priory - credit Clare Bryden

The Benedictine Priory of St Nicholas was founded in 1080-87, and its standing remains are among the oldest surviving medieval buildings in Exeter. Originally it followed the standard layout of a medieval monastery: a church on the south side and three ranges of two-storeyed buildings grouped around a square cloister. The west and north ranges … Read more N St Nicholas Priory

M St Margaret's Church Topsham

M St Margaret's Church Topsham - credit Chris Spinks

Topsham Parish Church is in an amazing location, overlooking the Exe estuary. The views are fantastic, especially at sunset at the end of a sunny summer day when everything is calm and still. Only the tower survives from the medieval building. Most of the church was rebuilt in 1874-76 after being destroyed by fire. This … Read more M St Margaret’s Church Topsham

K St Katherine's Priory

K St Katharine's Priory - credit Clare Bryden

St Katherine’s Priory in Polsloe was founded as a Benedictine nunnery before 1159 and was dissolved in 1539. It lies about 2km outside Exeter’s medieval City Walls, and is now an oasis of green surrounded by suburbia. A nunnery was a settlement built to sustain a community of religious women, and St Katherine’s is significant … Read more K St Katherine’s Priory